Our favorite actor on ‘Glee’ is Chord Overstreet.  In fact, he’s one of our favorite new male celebs of all time.  He’s young, sexy, and has a killer body.  It’s a shame that he hasn’t gotten nude for real yet.

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Darren Criss is the hot gay guy on ‘Glee’.  He’s a great singer and performer as well and has several upcoming roles.

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Matthew Morrison might just be the hottest guy on ‘Glee’, but that’s a tough call.  There are so many sexy characters to choose from.  He first reached male celebrity status with his work on Broadway and then eventually moved to silk screen productions.  We are confident that one day he will do a full frontal nude scene and show the world his package.

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Chord Overstreet is one of the young, hot celebs on ‘Glee’.  He’s been shirtless a couple times, but never done any nude scenes.  He’s still got plenty of time in his career to show off his cock.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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If only Mark Salling would really show his cock. For now we have to be happy that we can fap to fake of him like this.  We’re putting our money on him having a dick just as big as this one.

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Aside from being a star on the hit Television show ‘Glee’, Mark Salling also writes and sings his own music.  He’s been photographed shirtless, but we’re still waiting for a nude scene.

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Matthew Morrison is one of the stars on ‘Glee’ and most people’s favorite character.  He’s got some good shirtless pictures floating around out there, but nothing nude like this fake.

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How about this Mark Salling fake huh?  This looks so real, but is definitely a fake.  Male Celebs don’t exactly lay around with their cock exposed and pose for the camera.

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Mark Salling is one of the studs on the hit show ‘Glee’.  This is a nice underwear fake with a realistic looking bulge.

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If you’ve ever seen the hit TV show ‘Glee’, then you will definitely recognize Chord Overstreet.  He is one of the hottest young actors around.  He’s got a long career ahead of him and plenty of time to do some nude scenes.

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