I’d have a smile on my face like Ben Barnes if they gave me a fake cock and body like that too. That is why I wanted to make him one of my recent male fakes just for you. Enjoy.

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Is this picture of Dave Franco Fake nude blurry or is it my eyes filled with tears of joy?  This combination of him and his fake dick are perfect. Love the nip shot, too!

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Here’s some fantasy fodder from hairy hunk Ryan Reynolds (wow, that’s a lot of alliteration!) He’s got a new flick coming out next week, Woman in Gold. Never tire of seeing Mr. Reynolds on the big screen, especially when he shows some skin.

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Naked Liam Hemsworth Fake

If  Liam Hemsworth would get naked and pose like this, the entire world would be shocked.   From the looks of his body, this fake is a pretty nice match.

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Dean Geyer Nude Pic

Dean Geyer is getting more and more famous.  Maybe one day he’ll really do a nude scene or two.

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Alexander Skarsgard Naked

Alexander Skarsgard Naked and showing that cock.

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William Levy does have some real nude pictures of himself floating around the Internet, but this fake is just as good.  His cock looks very similar to this, but is not hard.

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Since starring on ‘The Hunger Games’, Josh Hutcherson is a mega male celebrity.  He’s going to be around making movies for a long time.  Hopefully we’ll get to see him naked for real one day.

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Shemar Moore is one of the male celebs that has actually gotten nude on film before.  His cock is just as big, if not bigger.

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You might recognize Hayden Christensen if you are a Star Wars geek.  He’s incredibly sexy and will probably have a ton of big acting roles in the future.  Maybe even a nude scene or two.

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