Lil Wayne is one of the biggest black male celebs around right now and with good reason.  Just about every song he produces turns into a hit.  He’s been touring the world and rocking audiences from Tulsa to Japan.

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Nelsan Ellis played the role of a gay character in ‘True Blood’, but says that he’s straight and has had the same girlfriend for 18 years.  This is a pretty good fake nude picture of him and we imagine that he has a big black cock just like that.

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T.I. fake nude picture of him stroking his cock.

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Chris Brown recently leaked some nude pictures of himself on the Internet.  He was standing in front of a mirror and took a full frontal nude pic.  This naked shot of him above is fake, but looks incredibly real.

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Terry Crews has done it all in Hollywood and in 2010 he showed what a sexy beast he really is.  He showed a lot of skin, especially in his Old Spice commercials.  He still has the most amazing body and is built like a pro athlete.  That’s actually because he was a professional football player at one time.

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We love our black male celebrities here at MaleCelebFakes, both real pics and the fake ones.  Damon Wayans has played the funny guy role for years and looks very sexy doing it.

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We’re not sure if this nude picture of Omarion is real or fake.  Too bad we don’t get to see that big black cock, but the bush is good.

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The name ‘Lil Bow Wow’ was given Shad Gregory Moss by the legendary rapper ‘Snoop Dog’.  The young black male celebrity has been acting and making music since he was a teen.

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tiger woods fake nude

Tiger Woods Fake Nude

Tiger Woods is in a heap of paparazzi trouble these days and there’s rumors that there’s at least one Tiger Woods sex tape out there. This pic of Tiger Woods naked is obviously a fake, but hey, who knows, we might see the real thing in the near future.

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