This is a really good nude fake pic of Michael Trevino done by Middle Road.  It looks amazingly real, he did a great job.

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We could only wish that Michael Cera would get naked and do things like this on film.

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Since starring on ‘The Hunger Games’, Josh Hutcherson is a mega male celebrity.  He’s going to be around making movies for a long time.  Hopefully we’ll get to see him naked for real one day.

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There’s not a lot of male celebrities gaining more popularity than Alex Pettyfer right now.  He’s incredibly sexy and has both men and women drooling over him.

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If Chord Street did naked poses like this, we would probably lose our shit.  The ‘Glee’ actor is such a fine looking male celebrity, we can only hope that he does a nude scene one day.

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Kellan Lutz is one of the most popular young male celebs around right now.  He’s so good looking, we really hope that he does a REAL nude scene sometime in his career.

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Wow, this naked Jason Bateman fake is awesome!  He’s really good looking and we love him on ‘Arrested Development’.  He never done any nude scenes that we know of.

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This Adam Gregory nude fake is really good, we had to really investigate to determine it fake.

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Cristiano Ronaldo plays professional soccer and is one of the finest male celebrities alive.  He’s shown quite a bit of skin over the years.

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