Darren Criss Fake Dick Picture

Darren Criss looks comfortable holding his penis in this fake picture. His body fits his face with his slight five-o’clock shadow, his hairy chest, hairy legs, and an awesome treasure trail down to what looks like a great tool! Fakes are fun!

Check Darren out on the show Glee as the gay character Blaine Anderson.

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Darren Criss Fake Dick Picture


Eion Bailey’s Hard Fake Dick

Eion Bailey is sporting a woody that is unfortunately not his own! But it is fun to imagine that it is his! It is a definite good match! I also love the rest of the body to go along with his nice size cock!

Eion has made many recurring guest-appearances on several TV shows through-out his career. He has not yet grabbed ahold of the attention of movie makers to get his break. He has had only one starring role in the film And Starring Poncho Villa As Himself.  Impressively, Eion was awarded a Daytime Emmy for his performance in Life of the Party.

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Eion Bailey’s Hard Fake Dick


Antonio Banderas Fake Dick
This is one of the best Antonio Banderas fakes we’ve ever come across.  We’d like to believe that this is similar to the way he looks nude.

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Antonio Banderas Fake Dick


If David Boreanaz really gets hard like this I will definitely become a true fan of his show ‘Bones’.  Based on shirtless, and nude, pictures of him, this picture definite shows a match to how he has looked in a lot of them!

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Naked Liam Hemsworth Fake

If  Liam Hemsworth would get naked and pose like this, the entire world would be shocked.   From the looks of his body, this fake is a pretty nice match.

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Naked Misha Collins

The hit TV show ‘Supernatural’ stars Misha Collins.  He’s a really hot actor who’s career has taken off recently.

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Mario Lopez Nude Fake

This is a great fake of Mario Lopez naked at the beach.

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Naked Tyler Hoechlin Selfie

Looks like Tyler Hoechlin naked selfie.

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Channing Tatum Naked

Channing Tatum in bondage with a hard cock.

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Randy Orton Nude Fake

Randy Orton

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