Chris Evans will be reprising his role in the latest superhero flick, Avengers, Age of Ultron. Evans plays none other thank Captain America, aka Steve Rogers.

Oh Captain, I’m ready for my rescue!

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One Direction’s main attraction, Zayn Malik, is leaving the band. Rumors have been circulating that he’s been cheating on his fiance and to prove his love, he quit the band. What now? We’ll have to come up with some good fake naked pictures to keep him in our fantasies.

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Here’s some fantasy fodder from hairy hunk Ryan Reynolds (wow, that’s a lot of alliteration!) He’s got a new flick coming out next week, Woman in Gold. Never tire of seeing Mr. Reynolds on the big screen, especially when he shows some skin.

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Ryan Philippe has made the leap from the big screen to the tube, starring in the mini-series Secrets & Lies. So far, not a hint of skin, but we keep hoping!

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Check out male celebrity site Mr. Man this weekend for the best in male celebrity gay sex scenes. The guys over there have sought out the top 10 in gay sex scenes from the big screen, and have served them up for you on a silver platter, just in time for Valentine’s Day.













Christopher Atkins Fake Nude

Christopher Atkins always had the boy next door acting roles so seeing him with a massive hard-on is super hot. I think the body, especially his dick, fits his face perfectly. I love fake nudes!

Christopher is best known from the film Blue Lagoon however he has been successful in several films since then. Check him out in the new film Sparrows Nesting January 19, 2015.

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Christopher Atkins Fake Nude


Michael Shanks Fake Nude

Michael Shanks’ fake penis and hairy chest totally fit his superimposed face! It is exactly how I know he would look in real life! This is a great one for sure! Top of my list. For those of you that like the hairy guys, here ya go!

Michael currently plays Dr. Charlie Harris on the TV show Saving Hope. How would you like playing doctor with him?!

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Michael Shanks Fake Nude


Christian Bale Fake Nude

Christian Bale could definitely handle this dick. He is, after all, Bruce Wayne! I would sure like to take the cape off of him!

Christian is best known as Bruce Wayne/Batman but that hasn’t stopped him in tons of roles of all kinds of genres. He has played roles in films based on history, war, drama, romance and comedies. His upcoming film, Exodus: Gods and Kings (December 12, 2014) is a drama. Also watch for Knight of Cups in 2015.

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Christian Bale Fake Nude


Josh Hutcherson Naked Fake Dick

Josh Hutcherson touching himself with a splash of cum is any guys dream come true. I love the Twink body that was put on his adorable face!

If you are a Josh Hutcherson fan, check him out in the upcoming film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, part 1.

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Josh Hutcherson Naked Fake Dick


Zac Efron and Chord Overstreet Fake Dicks

Zac Efron and Chord Overstreet seem to have twin dicks! Kind of a two-fer! If you like the blondie go for him. Like the dark haired, Zac is your guy!

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Zac Efron and Chord Overstreet Fake Dicks