This fake naked pic of Taylor Lautner shows him with his legs up and totally exposed.  We really hope that he’ll do a real nude scene one of these days.

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This is probably pretty close to what Cristiano Ronaldo really looks like naked.  The fake was done very well and added the extra graffiti element for style.

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This is one hell of a nude fake of Chris O’Donnel.  It shows his exposed and grabbing his hairy cock.  If only male celebrities would do this in movies.

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Scott Caan is currently starring on the television show ‘Hawaii Five-O’ and is shirtless every few episodes.  Lucky for you guys, there’s some real naked pictures of him.  He’s shown his butt and his cock and it was actually bigger than the fake above.

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Tom Welling is an incredibly sexy male celeb with great acting abilities.  He’s shown some skin and shirtless scenes over the years, but never anything nude.  With a body like that, he should be waving his naked cock all over the place.

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There’s a new show on TV called ‘Magic City’ and it is gaining popularity more and more.  Steven Strait plays a leading role and looks so sexy doing it.  He’s never done any naked movie scenes yet, but he still has plenty of time.

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Ryan Carnes got nude in the movie ‘Eating Out’, but nothing since then.  He’s played roles on ‘Bones’ and ‘NCIS’ most recently and looked good.  If only celebrities would take pictures like this in real life, with their cocks out and exposed.

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Zac Efron recently got nude in Sydney Australia and showed his butt for real.  Nothing like the fake above, showing Zac Efron’s hairy butt hole.  This is an incredible fake, the artist did an amazing job.

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This is about as real as it gets people.  Channing Tatum has been nude in real life and it looks pretty similar to the fake pic above.  He’s got a new movie coming out about male strippers, we can’t wait to see it.

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This is a great fake of Scott Caan nude.  He looks incredible shirtless and there’s even some real pictures of him changing his clothes and nude.

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