Is this picture of Dave Franco Fake nude blurry or is it my eyes filled with tears of joy?  This combination of him and his fake dick are perfect. Love the nip shot, too!

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Johnny Depp is known for being pretty out there. This male celeb fake pic of him just makes him even more out there. I’m still looking for male celeb fake GIFs. Keep cumming back!

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Who wouldn’t want Nicolas Cage on the rocks? Who wouldn’t want the hairy body and the opportunity to get the cock on the rocks hard as hell!  I love the hairy chest as well!  I love the oldies but goodies!

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Chris Brown’s Treasure Trail leads to the a nest with a male celeb fake dick that is scrumptious. Another smile on another star that makes me imagine that it is true!  I will imagine it as I walk to my assortment of toys.

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Michael Phelps won’t ever drown with that buoy in the water.  I wouldn’t let him drown with my mouth on his buoy either!  Congrats on your way to the Olympics, Michael!

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This male celebrity fake picture of Justin Bieber has definitely dirtied up the page – just like I like it!  I would have never thought to make his ass and legs so hairy but I like where the action is happening for sure!

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George Clooney could rule my world with his tool.  It is a perfect fit for what I keep in my mind when watching him on the big screen. I love the gruff look but the ever lasting gleam in his eyes that let us know he knows something!  Woof.

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Chris Evans will be reprising his role in the latest superhero flick, Avengers, Age of Ultron. Evans plays none other thank Captain America, aka Steve Rogers.

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One Direction’s main attraction, Zayn Malik, is leaving the band. Rumors have been circulating that he’s been cheating on his fiance and to prove his love, he quit the band. What now? We’ll have to come up with some good fake naked pictures to keep him in our fantasies.

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Here’s some fantasy fodder from hairy hunk Ryan Reynolds (wow, that’s a lot of alliteration!) He’s got a new flick coming out next week, Woman in Gold. Never tire of seeing Mr. Reynolds on the big screen, especially when he shows some skin.

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